20% Gratuity is added on parties of 8 or more

Always working countless hours​ and most of the time two jobs, Rhonda's dream of opening a restaurant with her son, Patrick, seemed obtainable yet just out of times reach.  One fateful night, she suffered an accident at work, broke her shoulder and had to spend the next 3 months away from work.  Little did she know this event is the one that triggered the process of her dream coming true.  With the time she needed she was finally able to align her stars and open Hay J's Bistro 5 months after her accident.

​With a lifetime of experience in restaurants, Rhonda has perfected the task of pleasing her guest, while finding time to manage and organize the entire business.  A linchpin in the cogs that keeps Hay J's rolling, she is usually found greeting guests, checking in on your lunch or dinner or one of many other daily tasks she performs.

​While not orchestrating the restaurant she is usually spending time with one of her grandchildren or getting some very much deserved rest and relaxation.

Patrick came to the spokane area in 1990 as a teenager​ with his family..soon after he began his lifelong venture into the world of restaurants.  As a 15 year old, Pat started his first job washing dishes at Percy's Restaurant in Spokane Valley.  With a strong work ethic and a knack for culinary creativity, Patrick climbed the ladder quickly, taking over the kitchen in his early 20's...

​After nearly 15 years of calling Percy's home, Patrick and his mother, Rhonda opened Hay J's Bistro in May 2006.  Pounding into his employees the importance of consistency and perfection, Patrick has built a culinary environment suited to please all different cravings and desires.

​When he has time away from the restaurant Patrick can be found spending time with his children Haley and Jackson or on the nearest softball field or racquetball court.

In the winter of 2005 chef Patrick Fechser and lifelong restaurateur Rhonda Entner shared a vision together.  A vision that entailed simple yet amazing food, hospitable service and a wine & cocktail selection that would cater to all. Perhaps the most distinct piece of this vision was one of love for family, friends and food.   In May of 2006 the mother and son partnership opened Hay J's Bistro.

Beginning with the name being a combination of the chef's children's names, Haley and Jackson, it's clear to see family is what we're built on.  With little brother Jeramie Entner as Patrick's sous chef, the 2 focus deeply on a cuisine that is fresh, distinct and delicious.  Chances are while you are enjoying your meal Rhonda's daughter, Natasha Nixon  will be sure to pay you a visit.  The mother-daughter team work tirelessly to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of our incredible and loyal customers.


A Modern Bistro in Liberty Lake

With multiple years of serving experience, most of them spent at Percy's with her brother Patrick.  Natasha follows family suit, a regular participant of the challenge that is running a restaurant.   If she is not behind the bar, chances are she is giving her mother a well deserved night off by managing the front of the house.  

Being the middle child and the only girl in the family,  Natasha does a great job of splitting personalities.  Balancing out her 2 brothers she displays amazing communication skills and a 6th sense of pleasing the ones that are close to her.  As her guest you are always well taken care of.

​On her days off Natasha spends her time with her children Kylie, Aspen and Ryanne and her loving husband Brandon.  With a full household of kids and dogs you would think she never has a moment to herself, don't worry though she still finds time to stop and smell whichever roses are climbing into her life at the time.

Natasha Nixon

Rhonda Entner

Patrick Fechser

Being the youngest of the 3, by a lot definitely comes with its perks, you're a little spoiled, all eyes are always on you and you get to beg your older brother for a job as soon as you are ready to work.  Jeramie's story begins much as Patrick's did, came to Spokane with the family and at 15 yrs old began washing dishes for Patrick at Percy's.  With a great admiration for his family, and his older brother specifically, Jeramie worked tirelessly to climb out of the dish pit with dreams of following in Patrick's footsteps.

​The first night Jeramie ever cooked on the line was the grand opening of Hay J's, May 16th 2006.  Starting as a line cook, he has worked relentlessly at honing his craft, learning all the he can from his mentor and older brother.  Now as Patrick's sous chef he works on carrying out his brothers vision of consistency and perfection, in hopes of one day taking over the everyday duties.

​Free time comes few and far between for Jeramie, but when it does it's all about family, friends and his dog, Maya.  Chances are you could probably find him on those very same softball fields or racquetball courts with his brother.  It's not enough just to work together, they have to play together as well.

Jeramie Entner